Rock & Tin

Peto is a stone golem – a magical creature brought to life under mysterious circumstances. The MechMagus is a robot wizard who discovers Peto in the wilderness. Befriended by the very robots he was created to destroy, Peto must find a way to overcome his nature and become the person he chooses to be.

Rock and Tin was published online from 2013-2015. I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing, and the campaign shattered the funding goal, reaching 536% of the target amount.

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You can buy the PDF of the full graphic novel on my Gumroad store. I have a few hard copies left. Leave me a comment if you are interested.


Marooned – A Space Opera in the Wrong Key!

Marooned is the story of Captain John, an egotistical and self-centered space pilot, and his sidekick robot, Asimov. It’s sort of like Gilligan’s Island meets Lost in Space.

Captain John’s journey begins by getting stranded on Mars, and finding out that the red planet is inhabited by Martians. His mission slowly unravels, and he begins to have all kinds of adventures, making both new friends and powerful enemies. One of his new friends is an orphaned Martian girl named Ril. Slowly John’s perspective on life begins to change, and the course of his ultimate destiny is changed forever as he is transformed from hopeless to heroic.

Successful Kickstarter

In August of 2013, Marooned was crowdfunded using Kickstarter and was funded at 252% of its goal. The money was  used to print the definitive graphic novel version of Marooned, along with a companion book “Spare Parts,” a 100-page book with all sorts of stories, fan art and comics that live in the Marooned universe.

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You can get Marooned and other stories by me on my Gumroad store page.